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The Kanaan Family

The Lebanese Kanaan family (originally BOU KANAAN) is an old family descendant from its highest grandfather MOUSSA GHANEM, son of Lieutenant Colonel SAADEH EL LAHFADI who, in the year 1303 A.D, Won fame in a great battle in JBEIL from which he came back victorious, as related by Bishop TADROS EL AJKOURI and Bishop GABRIEL EL KALAAl EL LAHFADl a relative of the said MOUSSA. He was born in the year l449 and died in the year l5l6.... Read more

The Kanaan Family Tree

Ste. Khaldeh Church

The Shihabist Emir Quaadan The Great took over the region of Choueifat & Khaldeh & governed them... Read more